A commitment to the success of Hispanic students and scholars

Pathways to access, support, and success

ASU is committed to all backgrounds, perspectives and identities.

As a New American University we enable academic excellence, accessibility and impact in communities around the world, allowing for the rich diversity and broad perspectives among our campus communities to engage with the most inclusive solutions possible.

As an institution that measures itself by whom we include and how they succeed, ASU is committed to the success of Asian and Pacific Islander students, scholars and practitioners. We recognize the importance of expanding our offerings to the benefit of every Sun Devil and find that this is dependent on how we enhance representation, growth, and connection among diverse cultures and identities.
Michael Crow
Nancy Gonzales
Executive Vice President and University Provost

A holistic approach to support

ASU provides support through areas critical to a students journey in higher education, among them include many ways to pay for college, find a community, connect with mentors, and sustain academic success.


Paying for college


It’s no secret that college is a major investment. The good news is, students have access to many forms of financial aid to help pay for an investment that yeilds dividends. Learn about the various types of financial aid, how to get them and help in navigating the process.

Financial aid


Embrace cultural connections


Having an environment that recognizes, respects and supports a student’s identity is vital to their academic and personal well-being. ASU recognizes this and values the rich diversity of faculty, staff and students whose presence enriches the university community. Explore the spaces, programs, and student organizations honoring and embracing your heritage.

Campus connections

Hispanic ASU student graduate

Exploring a profession


Navigating your professional journey can be competitive and confusing, but exploring professional opportunities at the university or at an organization of a students choosing can help prepare them before graduation. ASU has many opportunities to help you fulfill your aspirations.

Professional Opportunities



Seeking academic support


Programming not only prepares a student for their college experience, but empowers them with the confidence to seek help in their educational journey through services like tutoring, study groups, and academic advising. Identify the resources that can help in overcoming academic obstacles.

Academic support

Our growing community


Total ASU Campus Immersion students that identified as Hispanic or Latinx in Fall 2022


ASU’s six year graduation rate for first-time first year Hispanic students who started in Fall 2016


ASU’s first Hispanic Convocation in 1984 hosted 49 graduates at a small, off-campus location, while the fall 2021 convocation hosted nearly 400 graduates in ASU’s Desert Financial Arena

Advancing Hispanic success

Unifying and advocating for students of Hispanic and Latino descent

El Concilio unites Latinx/Chicanx/Hispanic student organizations at ASU to promote cultural awareness.

Get connected

Advancing opportunities for Hispanic communities through transformative research

The Hispanic Research Center is a hub that empowers Latino/a/x and Hispanic individuals and communities by generating and disseminating knowledge of public value and creating programming and partnerships that support the success of a multicultural society.

Visit the hub

Supporting the pursuit of an education through financial support from the community

The Latino Partnership Scholars Program is a collaboration between ASU and community organizations to provide scholarships to historically underserved students.

Apply for a scholarship

Expanding the unique composition of faculty with a focus on the Southwest

The Southwest Borderlands Initiative focuses on hiring scholars whose academic work supports the study of our southwest borders, a field that encompasses numerous disciplines of interest to Latinx faculty and students.

Learn about our scholars

Awards and recognitions

ASU, on its path to becoming a Hispanic Serving Institution, was named a Seal of Excelencia recipient in 2019 and recertified in 2022-2025. Excelencia in Education commends ASU's commitment to Latino student success through impactful and intentional support.

Seal of Excelencia

In 2023, ASU was named a Fulbright Hispanic Serving Institution Leader by the U.S. Department of State Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, recognizing its engagement with exchange participants and promotion of program opportunities on campus.

Fulbright Program

ASU was recognized as Education Partner of the Year by the Hispanic Scholarship Fund in 2023 for its commitment to helping Hispanic students access college. Since 2015, ASU has hosted several programs alongside the Hispanic Scholarship Fund.

Hispanic Scholarship Fund

ASU News

Understanding the language we use


Hispanic is a federally designated umbrella term to categorize and track numbers in a census fashion. ASU sees data as key to the intentional design work of expanding access and inclusion.  

A community and its members use other terms to reflect their chosen language to express identity. Some of these terms include: Latino, Latinx, Afro-Latino, Mexican American, Central American, South American, Puerto Rican, Cuban, Boriqua, and Chicano. Because language is a creative form of communication, it reflects the evolving ways people and communities think about themselves, especially within ever-expansive contexts. 

For example, the “x” in Latinx intends to signal intersectional identities and gender inclusivity (equivalent to the use of “their”). Whatever the term or identity, and ASU embraces them all, we recognize and celebrate the vibrant diversity within our university.