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About our journey

Our journey as an HSI

Earning the HSI designation


The U.S. Department of Education defines Hispanic-Serving Institutions as eligible colleges or universities with at least 25% full-time equivalent undergraduate Hispanic student enrollment. An institution meeting the HSI eligibility requirements can then apply for this designation, which puts them in a position to compete for grants earmarked for Minority-Serving Institutions through the federal government and private foundations.

ASU by the numbers



Total ASU undergraduate campus immersion students that identified as Hispanic or Latinx in fall 2021.


ASU's six-year graduation rate for Hispanic students who started in fall 2015. Statewide rate is 47% according to Excelencia in Education.

More than 700% increase

ASU’s first Hispanic Convocation in 1984 hosted 49 graduates at a small, off-campus location. The fall 2021 convocation hosted nearly 400 graduates in ASU’s Desert Financial Arena.

ASU's road to becoming an HSI

ASU’s investment in academic, financial and instructional support for the Hispanic and Latinx community has grown over time to include a portfolio of opportunities that we are very proud to offer.

Academic support

Est. 1966

TRIO Programs

The ASU TRIO program offers a wide variety of workshops designed to motivate and support first-generation students, low-income students, students with disabilities and veterans in pursuit of a college degree by assisting them through degree completion.

Est. 1984

Hispanic Convocation

Hispanic students are encouraged to register and attend this signature cultural event — in addition to their college convocation — to celebrate pursuing higher education and the shared support of family, faculty, staff and community.

Est. 1984

Hispanic Mother-Daughter Program

Early-outreach for middle and high school first-generation Arizona students who are qualified and prepared to enroll at Arizona State University through direct family involvement.

Est. 1985

Joaquin Bustoz Math-Science Honors Program

An intense academic experience that helps students to pursue university math studies while still in high school. Designed for students who are underrepresented in the math and science fields.

Est. 1995

César E. Chávez Leadership Institute

Arizona high school students participate in a one-week program that emphasizes civic engagement and leadership development in their communities.

Est. 2006

WeGrad (formerly American Dream Academy)

Places the focus on the family as a whole. In the eight-week program, families learn how to best support their children and are given the tools and resources necessary to provide that support and ensure a successful college experience.

Est. 2012

ASU Student Success Center

First-year students, sophomores and new transfer students receive holistic peer coaching on everything from transition (adjusting to college life) to transformation (realizing their potential and dreams).

Est. 2016

CAMP Scholars Project

The ASU College Assistance Migrant Program (CAMP) Scholars Project provides academic support to students from migrant and seasonal farmworker backgrounds during their first year in college. To date, 183 first-year students have participated; 25 have graduated with a bachelor's degree. Of those, five have gone on to graduate school, and one has received her master’s degree. This program has achieved more than 90% retention and persistence rate.

Financial support


Est. 1984

Latino Partnership Scholars Program (formerly the Hispanic Community Partnership Scholarship Program)

This partnership program between ASU and representatives of community organizations provides scholarship support for underrepresented students at ASU. Scholarships for the 2023 academic year will open soon. Please check back regularly.

Obama scholars

Est. 2009

President Barack Obama Scholars Program

Eligible Arizona residents receive gift aid, combined with the Pell Grant and Federal Work-Study, that covers tuition and fees, books and supplies, and a portion of housing and meals for up to eight semesters.


Est. 2013

College Attainment Grant Program

Eligible Arizona residents receive gift aid, combined with the Pell Grant, that covers tuition and fees for up to eight semesters.

Faculty support programs

Est. 1970

Chicano/Latino Faculty and Staff Association (CLFSA)

CLFSA supports and advocates for Chicanos and Latinos at ASU by educating university administrators, faculty, staff and students on the policies, issues and challenges that affect the community.

Est. 2001

Southwest Borderlands Initiative

This program focuses on hiring faculty whose academic work supports the study of our southwest borders, a field that encompasses numerous disciplines of interest to Latinx faculty and Latinx students.

Est. 2001

Partnerships with Mexico

Building a strong and diverse relationship with a number of universities in Mexico and Latin America allows ASU the opportunity to gain perspective on regional challenges and to develop innovative solutions to issues of importance to both sides of the border.

Est. 2012


DREAMzone offers resources and training programs for ASU faculty and staff, as well as students, with a goal to increase institutional awareness and support for DACA students on campus.